Responsive Web Designing

Responsive Web Designing

Arc digital Technologies

Missing on Mobile audience? Responsive website design is the solution! ARC Digital Technologies architects spotless functioning and responsive websites that are engrossed in providing a thrilling experience to your customers and a higher conversion rate for your business. Today is an era where everyone is equipped with smartphones and internet. With the random increase of smartphones and internet, the websites are being viewed more on mobile devices as compared to desktops and laptops. It is influencing how businesses fascinate new customers. Simply to say, a mobile website allows your potential customers to connect with you any time and that also from their comfort zone.

Mobile website has been existing for long but now it has evolved with an innovative significance and the term to define the impact is- Responsive design. Hence, it is no denying fact, to cater to an ever-growing audience every business must have a responsive website.

Why Responsive Websites?

Cost time and Maintenance

Building conventional website and then separate mobile website is an expensive and time taking deal. It also requires additional efforts to maintain both the sites. Responsive websites, no doubt cost 25% extra but it’s worth going for it. To make your business reach to the masses, responsive website is a smart choice.

Mobile being the Future

Mobile browsing has already taken over desktop browsing. Any information is just a click away. Mobile being handy, people use it to read articles, news and for web browsing. Therefore, if your business is not on mobile Responsive Design your Website are missing the potential customer!

Higher Ranking in Mobile Search

When it comes to make your website both mobile and search engine friendly, responsive design is an edge over conventional website. It is easier for search engines to rank your website if you are done with a single dynamic version website to both desktop and mobile visitors.